Creating a New Submittal Status


In this article, you will learn how to create a new submittal status for your company's workflow. 

Locating the Submittal Workflow Settings

Your company's submittal workflow settings are located within the main Settings screen under the Submittal Workflow link. Note: The options available in the Settings screen may vary depending on your currently assigned security role. 


Creating a New Submittal Status

To add a new submittal status to your current workflow, select the Status tab in the top bar and then choose the Add Status button. 


A new window will open with all of the settings needed to create your new submittal status. First, enter a name for the status within the Basic Info tab. Next, select the Target Statuses, Source Statuses, and Activity Types tabs to enable visibility for your new status. Note: It is recommended to use the Mark All Visible button unless otherwise directed. This opens the new status up to your entire workflow. 



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