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You can send emails to candidates, managers, salespeople, and recruiters from multiple places in BrightMove. Some of these can even be automated. Follow the below instructions to create these communication templates inside of your BrightMove account. 


To get to your Communication templates: 

1. Click your picture

2. Click Settings

3. Click Communication Templates




Click Add New to create a new template. 


Template Name: This is the internal name for your template. It will not be seen by the email recipient. 

Template Subject: This is the subject of your email. 

Edit Email Template: This is the body of your email. Type your message in here. 

Attachments for this Template: Here you can add any attachments from your Document Repisority. 

Private Template: Check this box if you do not want any other users to see your template. 

Communication Type: Use this box to select what type of template it is (Email, SMS, Email & SMS, or Trigger)

Use Template For: This is the recipient of your email (Candidate, Manager, Recruiter, Interviewer, Sourcer, Sales, or Vendor). 

Available Substitution Fields: The available fields will change depending on who your template is used for. See the Substitution Field article for more information on how these work. 


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