Submittal Workflow Defaults

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The submittal workflow defaults let you decide what happens when candidates are first attached to jobs. 


A default status must be present. Below are the standard default statuses. To change any status, simply click Edit or the pencil icon



Type of Submittal is how the candidate is assigned to a job. 

  • Employee Submittal - an employee (an individual with a BrightMove login) finds or adds the candidate to the database then assigns them to a job using the Send to Job option. 
  • Candidate Submittal -a candidate finds your job posting either on your company page or a partner job board and applies. 
  • Vendor Submittal - a vendor you have set up inside of BrightMove adds the candidate to a job through email or a vendor portal. 
  • Disqualified Submittal - a candidate has applied to the job but has failed the Basic Qualification questions assigned to the job. 

Default Status Is the status that a candidate will be placed in when attached to the job. 

Default Activity Types is the activity associated with the candidate application. 



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