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BrightMove themes are a new way to customize your BrightMove viewing experience. There are multiple themes available to customize how BrightMove screens look to you. Themes are set at the individual level, so each user can have their own. 


Editing your BrightMove Theme

You can edit your theme from your profile. 

1. Click on your Profile Picture or Profile Icon

2. Click My Profile

3. On your profile, click More

4. Click Edit to open the Manage Profile Module. 

5. Select the Theme you would like

6. Click Save



Available BrightMove Themes

Standard: This is the default screen and is suitable for the majority of devices. 

High-Resolution: This is designed for High-Resolution or larger monitors. 

Standard Dark Mode: A dark mode version of the Standard themes.

High-Resolution Dark Mode: A dark mode version of the High-Resolution themes.


There are also several themes for specific partners, so your list may include additional themes. 

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