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We will discuss how account Admins can add IP Filters to restrict their employees BrightMove use to certain locations. This is for companies who need extra security to allow only specified locations to have access to their BrightMove account. 

This screen can be enabled by Security Role. Once you enter an IP address to limit access by, no other IP's can access the system. 

Do not add IP Access Filters unless you are familiar with IP Security. Adding filters can and will restrict ATS access for all IP Addresses not included in the ranges you specify. If you disable your own access, please email support@brightmove.com.

How to Add an IP Filter:

To turn on the IP security section:

  1. Go to Settings > Security Roles
  2. Click on the role who should manage the IP section, preferably an Administrator role.
  3. Inside the role, go to the Tools module and enable Manage IP Filters.
  4. Click the Save button then log out of BrightMove. Log back in and proceed to the next step below.

To use the IP address filter security:

  1. Go to Settings > IP Filters
  2. Click on Add Current IP to add your own IP address. This ensures you maintain access to the system once you start filtering by IP addresses. 
    If you disable your own access by adding other IP addresses first accidentally, email support@brightmove.com so we can assist you. 
  3. Click on Add IP Filter to enter your other users IP addresses you wish to grant access to the account from. Only these IP addresses will be able to access the account going forward.

Note: All IP addresses specified must be in CIDR syntax. You can use https://www.ipaddressguide.com/cidr to convert an IP address range to CIDR if you are unfamiliar with the syntax.

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