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Creating a section is the first step in setting up a new custom User Defined Field. Each Section you create will appear as a tab on the entity profile. It is better to have multiple individual questions grouped into an overall theme. The theme would be the section name. 


To get to your UDF Module:

1. Click your profile picture or icon

2. Click Settings

3. Click User Defined Fields (UDF)


That will bring up the User Defined Field Sections Screen. There are several options available from this screen. 


Display Order: If there are multiple UDF sections for an entity (Candidate, Department, Manager, Location, Job, Placement, Reference Check) the Display order determines which appears first in the profile. 

Section Name: The name of the UDF section and corresponding tab on the entity profile 

Blue Checkmarks: These indicate what entity the UDF section will appear on. You can assign a section to multiple different entities. 

Sort Sections: This allows you to change the display order of the Sections. 


New Section: Creates a new section. Input the Section Name, select the Entity Visibility, and click Save


Back to Settings: This takes you back to the Settings menu

Search: This allows you to narrow down your UDF sections

View: This brings up the detailed Section view where you can add Fields. 

Edit: This allows you to edit the name of the section and the Entity Visibility

Delete: This will Delete the UDF section and all fields and options under it. 


Understanding UDFs

Please refer to this article for more information on understanding User Defined Fields.


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