Opportunity Next Step

The Opportunity Next Step screen allows you to create and organize your Opportunity workflow and move the Opportunity through that workflow as it progresses.


How to Add an Opportunity Next Step

  1.  Navigate to Settings and click on "Opportunity Next Step" from the available choices under the Customization menu. The "Create New Opportunity Next Step" Screen will be displayed. 
  2. In the field titled "Opportunity Next Step Name", enter the name and click Save. 
  3. The new Opportunity Next Step will appear on the existing list as the last choice on the list.

How to Edit an Opportunity Next Step

  1. Click on the Opportunity Next Step you want to edit. The "Edit Opportunity Next Step" screen will be displayed. 
  2. Make the required changes and then click the Save button.

How to Delete an Opportunity Next Step

  1.  Click the Delete icon displayed to the far right of the Opportunity Next Step name.
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