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Sense Integration

It's here! Sense and BrightMove now work seamlessly to give your recruiters superpowers! Leverage an omnichannel approach to personalized candidate engagement using automation, two-way text messaging, AI-powered chatbots, automated surveys, and referrals.

With the twin powers of AI and Automation: from breaking down data silos and enabling single-view reporting to drive cross-channel personalized engagement and building targeted talent pipelines, you give your recruiters and company the edge you need to succeed.


Benefits of activating the Sense integration in BrightMove:

  • Respond to candidates 24/7 using a chatbot and screen them for jobs
  • Keep track of all conversations with an automated ATS sync
  • Power personalized journeys throughout the funnel and transform your talent experience
  • View journey-level and performance analytics
  • Lower cost per hire and time to fill by increasing referrals

Contact to learn more about BrightMove's Sense integration!

Click here to view the Sense website


Job Approver Delegates

We have expanded on our job approver functionality by adding the ability for hiring managers, recruiters, and HR department staff to create delegates for job approval chains. 

Possible use cases:

  • A hiring manager is out on PTO and assigns another HM to approve jobs on their behalf between a certain date range while they are out.
  • Peers can grant perpetual delegate authority to each other to create an "Approval Group" to ensure jobs are routed through the process with efficiency and quality.

The delegation of approval authority is easily removed and transparent to all users in the approval chain.

New fields show who the current approver is, who the next approver in line is, and who has been delegated to approve jobs on that manager's behalf. Once everyone in the chain has approved the job, then it is open for recruiting. 

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