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Profile View

The Opportunity Profile contains the important details about this Opportunity. Required fields are indicated on the profile form when creating a new Opportunity.


Quick Editing Options

Single Field edit: Simply click in the field you want to edit, make your changes, then click the Save button. 


Form Edit: Click the Edit button to open the entire profile form, make your changes, then click Save.

Profile Field Descriptions

Stage: The stage in your Sales Workflow this Opportunity is in. (e.g. New Lead, Demo, Stage 1, Stage 2, Qualifying)

Value: The monetary value of this Opportunity. *Do not type the $ sign or use commas, simply input the monetary amount number values only. (Example- 20000)

Weighted Value: The Value x Close Probability is the weighted value.

Type: The type of Opportunity. (e.g. New, Existing)

Next Step: The next stage of the opportunity’s sales cycle.

Next Step Details: Text area for notes.

Lead Source: The Source this Opportunity originated from.

Lead Source Other: Secondary field if needed.

Client: Name of the Client this Opportunity belongs to.

Description: A description or any information about this opportunity you want to document. 


To add or change the Sales person on an Opportunity, click the Add Sales Representative icon. Simply start typing a Sales person name and then make your selection. 

You can select a "Primary" Sales person but it is not required. You can also have multiple Sales people assigned to an Opportunity if needed.



Delete Sales 

To delete a non-primary Sales person from an Opportunity, simply click the red X next to their name and they will be removed from the Opportunity. To delete a primary Sales person, you must first remove the Primary label or assign another Sales person as the Primary, then you can click the red X next to their name to delete.



All sections contain a Search box in the upper right. Start typing terms or criteria from any of the displayed columns, and matching results will be displayed.



Line Items

This section allows you to create individual line items under an Opportunity and assign monetary value to each item. Click plus sign to create a new Activity. You can also edit or delete line items.

Convert Line Items into Jobs

To convert the line item into a Job, click the convert to job button. The create job screen will appear already populated from the Opportunity details entered and you can make any needed changes before saving.  The description field will become the Job description and can be edited during the Job creation process. *Please note- you must have a Primary Manager assigned to the Opportunity to turn the line item into a job!



After a Line Item has been converted into a job, when you view the Opportunity that line item will now have a View Job button. You can click View Job to go to the job profile.



This section allows you to track all activity with an Opportunity. Activity could include emails, calls, meetings, etc.

Create, View, Edit, or Delete

Click plus sign to create a new activity. Our existing activity form will appear and the activity types displayed pulls from your existing activity types.

Options include: View Activity (Opens the full activity view), Edit and Delete.

Activity comments longer than 150 characters will be truncated, with the full Comments available in the detailed Activity View. View an Activity by clicking the "View" button or click on the expand icon in the comments preview column.



Assign Manager

Click plus sign to assign a Manager(s) to this Opportunity. Start typing the Manager name to select it in the dropdown. You can also label a Manager as the "Primary" which is necessary if the Opportunity is later converted into a Job. (The Primary will be the Manager assigned to the Job profile.) Any activities assigned to a Manager will also appear in that Manager's profile as well. 

 If the Manager name you are typing is not found, please check that the Manager is under the Client assigned to the Opportunity in the main Opportunity profile section.




This section allows to add attachments to an Opportunity.  Click plus sign to create a new Attachment.



This section shows the Opportunity Created By User/ Date & Time and the Updated By User/ Date & Time.



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