Create Opportunity Profile


Click "Create a new Opportunity". Fill out the form to create your Opportunity details.

Name: Title of the Opportunity

Stage: The stage in your Sales Workflow this Opportunity is in. (e.g. New Lead, Demo, Stage 1, Stage 2, Qualifying)

Value: The monetary value of this Opportunity. *Do not type the $ sign or use commas, simply input the monetary amount number values only. (Example- 20000)

Type: The type of Opportunity. (e.g. New, Existing)

Next Step: The next stage of the opportunity’s sales cycle.

Next Step Details: Text area for notes.

Lead Source: The Source this Opportunity originated from.

Lead Source Other: Secondary field if needed.

Client: Name of the Client this Opportunity belongs to.

Description: A description or any information about this opportunity you want to document.



Q: Why can't I see an Opportunities section in BrightMove?

A: This section must first be enabled by your Account Administrator in Security Role setup.


Q: Can I create User Defined Fields on Opportunities?

A: Not at this time. 


Q: How can I save my data if I do not have a client already in the system?

A: If you have filled out your Opportunity data and realize that you do not have a client to assign it to, please open a new browser tab and navigate to . This will bring up your BrightMove account and allow you to create the client.  Once the client has been created, you may close the new tab and continue filling out your Opportunity information.  


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