Hiring Manager Workbench Dashboard Panes

Available Dashboard Panes

You can manage the information panes on your dashboard by clicking the square icon in the upper right of screen. Simply drag the panes you want active to the right side and in the order you'd like them to appear on the screen. (see screenshot below) 



Jobs Awaiting My Approval pane- Jobs awaiting your approval and/or jobs assigned by other Contacts that you are a job approver delegate for.

My Current Jobs pane- Shows your Open (submittable) Jobs with clickable titles, ID#, Status, # of Candidates in viewable statuses, and create date. 

Job Status Graph - Shows a graph format of the number of jobs in each status that is assigned to the manager.

Status Summary pane- Gives a quick glance of how many Jobs in viewable statuses you have. (Example- 3 Open, 1 Hot) 

My Pending Jobs pane- Shows any jobs in Pending status you are assigned to and is awaiting approval.

My Rejected Jobs pane- Shows any jobs assigned to you that were rejected instead of approved.

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