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Recently, web browsers have disabled the opening of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) links.  FTP is still a very secure way to download files when the link is from a trusted source such as your BrightMove.  While these additional steps are cumbersome, they allow us to secure your data download.


Required Software

FileZilla (Download) - Is a Windows FTP Client that is Free to download and install.


Steps to get your data

Please follow the below instructions to download your XML data export from BrightMove. Please note that XML Data Export links are good for 7 days so please be sure to access and download your attachment files within the 7 day window. 

Open Filezilla

1. Type into the Host field in upper left.
2. Hit the QuickConnect button in upper right.

(If a modal pop-up appears that says "Insecure FTP connection", click OK to continue)

Username and Password fields should remain empty.


Find Data Directory

3. On right side, look for the "Remote Site" section > "data" directory (double click) and a directory should appear below. (They will appear empty, this is ok.)



Initiate Manual Transfer

4. Next, in the upper menu> choose Transfer> Manual Transfer.



5. A new modal window will appear (see below). 



Find your FTP Download Link

In the email you received from BrightMove that contained the FTP link to your data, there is a number you'll need to copy and paste into the Manual Transfer screen (shown above).

The emailed link looks like this:

6. Copy only the numerical (highlighted below) portion of the link and include the .zip ending. 



Paste Unique Number into Transfer Screen

7. Paste the copied portion into 2 places on the manual transfer screen:

a) Local File section (left side)> File > paste after desired folder location.

b) Remote file section (right side) > File> paste into empty box.

*Be sure there are no empty spaces after the .zip portion as it could causes an error.

**Also-take note of which folder the Local file is going into (in the left side field) so you can find it later.



Begin the Transfer

8. Click the "Start transfer immediately" checkbox at the bottom of the modal. 

9. Click OK button. 

 ​The files will then be transferred. This may take a couple minutes to complete. The bottom of the screen should show a transfer in progress and the top of the screen should show the starting download/file transfer successful/ etc. 


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