Version 2022.3.0


Release 2022.3.0 includes some bug fixes and the following system improvements:


Easy-To-Read Audit Trails on Profiles

We've added more detailed logging of changes being made to all profile types by users in the Audit tab of Applicants/Candidates, Jobs, Clients, Contacts/Hiring Managers, Client Office/Location, Opportunities and Placements. 

In addition to showing the original create date and user of the profile, we will also show you a log of all changes/edits made to the profiles, what it was changed from / to, and which user performed the edit with date and time stamp.

This feature is a customer-driven improvement so we thank you for letting us know you wanted better audit tracking on profiles! 


Improved Modal Usability

We've improved the modal window usability in the system so that while a modal window is open, if you click outside of it, the modal will no longer close out. It will remain open so you don't lose the data you've entered into it. You can close the modal window by saving or click the "x" in the upper right to close it out and return to the main screen. 


Power Search Location filters enhancement

Power Search Location filters have been enhanced to give you more location options than ever before. We'll no longer limit the amount of results that are displayed when entering a city/state or zip code. 


Power Search Pagination History enhancement

Power Search pagination behavior has been enhanced to allow you to leave the power search screen and upon return, pick up where you were in the results pagination. You'll no longer be defaulted back to page one of results and to scroll back to the page you were previous on.

When in Power Search and clicks into an Applicant profile or performs a bulk action, then return to search you will come back to the page you were on when you left that search.


These improvements were all customer-driven requests! We thank our customers who let us know these were needed improvements to the system. All our customers can request improvements or new features at any time within BrightMove Help menu> Request BrightMove Feature.




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