Creating New RPO Companies from Template (RPO Templates)

Our RPO companies have the ability to make company templates of existing child accounts to create future child accounts. Things like submittal workflow and company settings will be copied from the template company so you spend less time setting up new RPO child companies and more time recruiting!

Creating a New RPO Company from a Template:

RPO Templates will not copy over any account data. The settings and configuration changes will be stored, but the data for each company will not be copied.

Step 1:  From within the Parent RPO company, go to Settings>RPO Templates. From here, there are a few options:

  • In the top right corner is a Create from Existing button. This option allows you to create a new template from an Existing Company.
  • In the middle of the screen there will be a list of existing templates if the parent company has already created them, if not it will be blank. To the right of these are
    • Manage: which will allow you to edit the template that you selected
    • Copy: which will create a duplicate template of the one you selected
    • Create Company: which will allow you to create a new company utilizing the template you selected
    • Delete: to delete a template if you wish.

It will look similar to this:



Step 2: Decide which template you wish to use to create a new company or click the Create from Existing button to make a company template. Then click on the Create Company option next to your choice. This will pop up a screen for you to name the new company as you wish. Click Save.


Step 3: From within the Parent Company account, Go to Settings>Employees and select which employees you wish to have access to the new company.

  1. Click on their name.
  2. In the top of the screen will be a button called Company Management Security. This will allow you to select which companies this employee has access to manage. It will also allow you to select what level of access they will have inside that account, such as Administrator, Recruiter, etc. The user(s) will now see the new companies in their Managed Companies dashboard pane.

You are all done! If you need licenses for the client to directly access the new child account, please contact and we'll be happy to assist you.


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