Company-Level Social Media Image Management


Gone are the days of not knowing where a social media site is pulling an image from that it is showing with your job or that it is displaying a HUGE image that is blurry or cut-off. YOU can now control the social media image that is show with your posted jobs at the job level or for all jobs in the account!


Company-Level Social Media Image

A company level social media image will be used as the default social media image for all jobs shared to social media sites in the event there is not one assigned at the job level. (If no social media image has been assigned at the company or job levels, the site being posted to will pull an image itself. This is not always a flattering or well defined image.)

To set your social media image at the Company level (Account level) to be used for all jobs:

1. Settings > My Company

2. Click to the Social Media Image tab

3. Click the Manage Social Media Image button (upper right)

4. Either paste an image URL into the top box OR choose an image from your computer to upload

5. Click Save and Close



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