Overdue Time Card Report


The overdue timecard report lists each applicant on a current assignment that has not entered any time into the BrightMove system for the previous week.

(Ex. The work week runs Monday through Sunday, and if a timecard has not been entered by Midnight on Sunday, it is considered overdue.)

How to pull the report

1. Open the reports page by going to Quick Links menu>Reports. This report is found under the Time and Billing Reports section.

2. From the drop down menu in the upper left of the screen, select the week for which you would like to see the report or click the "Range" button to enter a date range to view. 

3. Click the Search button when ready to run the report. Results will be viewable on the screen.


Notify Applicants of Overdue Timecards

Next to each name on the report, there is a small checkbox to select who should receive your chosen email reminder. You can craft an email on the fly or use an email template.

1. Check the box or select all next to each Applicant(s) who you would like to email.

2. In the Communicate dropdown, choose an email template or create an email on the fly (Send Blank Email). 

3. Click the Email Selected Users button. The Compose email screen will be displayed, or you may choose a template to send to the applicants.

4. When ready to send them email(s), click the Submit button. Each applicant that was selected from the list will receive the email.



If you do not see this report in your Report suite, please notify your Administrator to request the report be enabled.



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