Hiring Manager Workbench Guide for Managers

Accessing the Workbench

To access the Hiring Manager Workbench, please visit https://app.brightmove.com/ATS/ and input your log-in credentials.

Hiring Manager Dashboard

The modules you see in the gray bar will vary based on the areas you have access to. Some companies use timecards and other's do not, so you may not see all options as shown in the screenshot below. 



My Current Jobs pane- Shows your Open (submittable) Jobs with clickable titles, ID#, Status, # of Candidates in viewable statuses, and create date. 

Job Status Graph - Shows a graph format of the number of jobs in each status that is assigned to the manager.

Status Summary pane- Gives a quick glance of how many Jobs in viewable statuses you have. (Example- 3 Open, 1 Hot) 

Other Jobs Awaiting My Approval pane- Jobs awaiting approval assigned by other Contacts that you are a job approver for.

My Pending Jobs pane- Shows any jobs in Pending status you are assigned to and is awaiting approval.

My Rejected Jobs pane- Shows any jobs assigned to you that were rejected instead of approved.


Customizing the Dashboard Panes

To customize the layout of the dashboard press the four blue squares at the top right of the dashboard page (Highlighted Below.)


From the Manage Dashboard page you can drag and drop any of the panes into a top, left, or right assigned position. To unselect a pane, drag it into the Available Dashboard Panes section.

Once the panes have been configured, press the four blue squares icon at the top right to save your layout.


Managing Your Jobs

In your "My Current Jobs" dashboard pane, you can click on any job to view it. 


Top Profile: Shows the general info about the job like location and assigned resources like Recruiter and Sales person.

Submittals tab: Shows Candidates submitted to the job that are in statuses designated as viewable.

Internal/Web Description tabs: Shows the internal job description (if applicable) and public job description.

User Defined tab: Shows any custom job fields that have been created.

Managing Submittals

There are some actions you can take when viewing Applicants submitted to your jobs. **Depending on your security, you may see some, all or none of these in your view.

Action buttons include Export Submittals to XLS, View Resume, and View Submittal (history).


Once an Applicant reaches the "Submitted to Client" status, additional option buttons will appear for the Hiring Manager to take action on that person.

They are: 

Clicking Recommend Hire will send an email notification to the Recruiter(s) that an Applicant has been accepted. This does change the submittal status to your Hired or Accepted status.

Clicking Decline will mark the Applicant as Declined/Rejected.

Clicking Mark In Review will put a callout icon on this Applicant in the Recruiter view to indicate they are being reviewed.

Clicking Unmark In Review once the Candidate is finished being reviewed. The callout icon will disappear from the Recruiters view.


How to Create a Job 

If your security allows you to create a new job:

  1. Hover your mouse over the Jobs module in the gray bar. Click Create. You will be brought to the job form to complete.
  2. The top portion is the job information and green fields are required fields. Entering a job postal code is optional but highly suggested.image2016-7-29_9_35_17.png
  3. The next section is where you enter the Fee Structure (optional) and Required Skills for the job (required).  There is a second Optional Skills box as well (optional). image2016-7-29_9_37_56.png
  4. You can now add the job description. There are two description boxes:
    1. The top one is for Internal posting only. If you do not have an employee portal, you can disregard this box.
    2. The bottom one is the External/Public description. This is the most commonly used option.

There are various formatting buttons to assist with adding bullets, selecting font styles, format, color and size.  There is also a copy from Word option where you can paste in the description copied from a Word document (icon looks like a clipboard with a "W" on it).

Once you are finished, click Save.


Approving Timesheets

If you are not using timecards, you do not need to read this section! If you are using timecards and will need to approve timesheets, please continue reading.

  1. At the top of the screen there is an "Approve Timesheets" option. All timesheets submitted to the hiring manager waiting for approval will be shown there and can be filtered using the Timecard Start Date dropdown (top).
  2. Click on a name to view the timecard. MenuBar.png
  3. You will see a Summary at the top that includes Period, Billable Hours, Non-Billable hours, Total Hours, Total Expenses (If in use), and Status.
  4. The Approve and Return buttons are at the bottom of the form. There is also an optional Comments box available for the Hiring Manager to make notes to the Employee.


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