Affirmative Action Report


The Affirmative Action Report provides a snapshot of Applicants whose original submit date fall within the chosen start/end dates and who have a Declined or Placement activity. The report default date constraint pulls Applicants whose original submit date was in the last 30 days but the dates may be adjusted by using the calendar options provided on the screen. 

The information provided includes Applicant Name, Internal ID, Race, Gender, Job Group, Employment type, Client Job ID#, Declined or Hired Status (ex. decline, accepted), Hire Date (if applicable), Applied date, and the reason they were turned down or accepted as an applicant.


How to pull the report

1. Open the reports page by going to Quick Links menu>Reports. The Affirmative Action Report is under Equal Opportunity Employment Reports section.

2. Choose the format you wish to export this report to.

3. The default time parameter of the report are the last thirty (30) days or you can specify the preferred date range.

4. Set any additional filters you may want and then click the Run Report button.


Description of Report Columns



Report Pie Charts

The report includes two Pie Charts to display a summary of the report results: Race Distribution and Gender Distribution.



If you do not see this report in your Report suite, please notify your Administrator user to request the report be enabled.

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