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Perm Placements Report


The Permanent Placement report outlines each person that has been hired on a permanent basis by clients. 


How to pull the report

1. Open the reports page by going to Quick Links menu>Reports. This report is found under the Management Reports section.

2. Choose the format you wish to export this report to.

3. The default time parameter of the report are the last thirty (30) days or you can specify the preferred date range.

4. If you want the results grouped by Office, click the Group By Office checkbox.

5. Click the Run Report button.


Report Contents

The full list of parameters include:

  • start date
  • employee name
  • requirement name
  • starting salary
  • fee charged to the client (% and actual dollar amount)
  • commission paid to the recruiter for the placement (% and actual dollar amount)
  • the profit made from the placement 
  • profit margin



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