Recruiter Future Fees Report


This report shows a list of all submittable jobs, by Recruiter, that your company has that includes the bill rates and fee amounts to allow you to see earnings projections. Total fee's are displayed at the bottom of the report.


How to pull the report

1. Open the reports page by going to Quick Links menu>Reports. This report is found under the  Forecasting Reports section.

2. Choose the format you wish to export this report to.

3. The Recruiter field is Required to run the report! (All other parameters are optional)

4. Set any additional filters you may want and then click the Run Report button.


Report Contents

The full list of parameters include:

  • Run date
  • Job ID
  • Job Title
  • Client name
  • Open Date
  • Max bill rate
  • Min bill rate
  • Fee percentage
  • Fee amount



If you do not see this report in your Report suite, please notify your Administrator to request the report be enabled.

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