Version 2022.9.0


Version 2022.9.0 contains some exciting improvements (below) as well as some bug fixes and will be released on Saturday, September 3, 2022.


Job Profile Submittals Tab and BrightFlow (Kanban) Load Times Improved

Load times have been tuned and improved on Job Submittals tab that contain large amounts of results. We've also tuned and improved load time in the BrightFlow (Kanban) view on Jobs in BrightMove that have large data sets in it. We will monitor performance post-release in these screens.


Employee Profile Audit Logging Enabled

BrightMove has enabled audit logging of employee (user) profile changes to show the change date/time, name of person who made the change, which Field was changed with the change details. This will help account administrators to see who makes changes to user profiles within their account. 

This new tab is found in Settings> Employees> click an Employee name and the Audit tab is at the bottom of the screen.


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