Document Repository

Document Repository

The Document Repository is where you can create categories and store Company Documents. 

Go to Settings> Company Settings section> Document Repository.


You can create Categories and store documents into those Categories. To create or delete a Category, select the add category button. 


A pop-up window will appear to allow for the naming of the new category. There is an option to allow documents stored in the specific category to be utilized in your custom communication templates. Check this setting if you need the documents available for automated emails. 

NOTE: A small envelope icon indicates the ability to use the documents for email templates. 


Adding Documents

Once your new category has been created, you will want to upload your documents. To begin, select the Add Doc button to browse your local computer's files to select the documents you want to upload. If you need to remove a document, use the Delete button next to the document's title. You can also delete the entire category, if needed. 


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