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Vendor management will cover all areas of configuration needed to utilize BrightMove's vendor system. 


Enter Your Vendors

Go to Settings > Vendors.


On the top right, click the Create New Vendor button to add a new Vendor. There are two methods for creating your vendor profiles, and you will need to configure at least one communication template assigned for vendor use. 

Communication Template Guide

Simple Method

This method is great for companies who use Vendors but just want the basic Vendor portal setup that BrightMove has always offered.

You can simply enter a Vendor name, Vendor Contact name, Communication Template fields, and click Submit. This will allow you to assign the Vendor to jobs. The Vendor will log in to their Vendor portal to view Open jobs assigned to them and submit Candidates. 

Note: Simple method will NOT send notifications to the Vendor when a job they are assigned to is created or updated. The Vendor can subscribe to the Vendor portal RSS feed for this purpose. If you want notifications sent, please see Interactive Method below.




Interactive Method  PREFERRED METHOD

This method is great for companies who use Vendors and want extra functionality for your Vendors. You can customize and send automatic email notifications to Vendor contacts upon Job creation/ Job updates. This method also allows the Vendor to parse resumes & submit to a job at same time via your Company email parser address. The Vendor name will be automatically logged in the Vendor field on the Applicant profile when their inbound email domain matches the domain's entered in their Vendor profile.



Name: Vendor name

Contact Name: The name of the Vendor contact person 

Notification Email: The email address job created/updated emails should go to.

Inbound Email(s): Possible email addresses the Vendor may send in resumes from.

Email Domain(s): Enter all email domains the Vendor uses to ensure successful Vendor assignment to the Applicant profile when Vendor parses resumes. (Examples-,

Email Template: Assign the Vendor communication template you want sent to the Vendor contact email address.

How to Edit or Delete Vendors

In Settings> Vendors, click a Vendor name to edit or delete the Vendor. In the Take Action menu, select your choice.


How to Set Up a Vendor Portal

Vendor portals allow your Vendors to log in and see jobs they are assigned to and apply Candidates one at a time. 

Create a Vendor portal in Settings> Candidate Experience Portals. Click "New Portal" in the upper right corner.

The next screen allows you to name the portal (Vendor Name), select the "Employee" portal type and assign a Portal Password if needed

Scroll down again to the tabbed area. In the Vendor Filter section, hit the + move the Vendor name over to the box on the right side. This will filter the jobs to only show that Vendors assigned jobs on this portal. To remove a Vendor, hit the - from the right side box

Now scroll back up and click Save

In the Layout column for this portal, be sure to enable the portal sections you want so the Vendor can view jobs.


Recommended portal pane is "All Open Jobs". This will allow the Vendor to view all Open Jobs they are assigned to.

Vendor Email Templates (Interactive Method only)

When using the Interactive Vendor method, you will need to create an email template(s) that will be automatically sent to the Vendor when a Job is created or updated.

  1. Go to Settings> Communication Templates> click "New Template" in upper right corner. 
  2. Complete the Template name, subject, and leave the template Public.
  3. Under "Communication Type" select Email. 
  4. Under "Use Template For" select Vendor from the drop down.
  5. You can now create the body of the email. Your available substitution fields are shown on right. Simply click the spot you want the substitution field and click the field name for it to populate for you.
    This email is sent when a job the Vendor is assigned to is either created or updated. Your verbiage should be clear on that point as the email will not indicate which of the two occurred. In the event a job was updated, the change will not be specified in the email, just that a change was made and the Vendor should view the job for any changes.


Recommended Template Verbiage

You can create a custom message in the email template. However if you need some guidance on what to write we have included some recommended verbiage here:

A job you are assigned to has either been created OR updated. The Job information is shown below.


Assign Vendor to Jobs

A Vendor can be assigned during Job Creation or by editing an existing Job Profile. Simply click to highlight the Vendor name(s) you are assigning to the job, then click Submit to save.


Job Description-Post to Intranet/Internal Web must be checked

Job Internal Description/Post Internal box must be checked for the job to appear on the Vendor portal since these are set up as Employee portals.

If using Simple Vendor setup

The job will now be visible on the Vendor portal when the Vendor logs in. The vendor should subscribe to the RSS Feed on their portal so they know when a new job has been assigned to them. 

If using Interactive Vendor setup

The Vendor contact will receive your Vendor email template (if assigned) notifying them that a job they are assigned to has either been created or updated. You create the verbiage in the template, this is not a BrightMove created message.


Methods Vendor can use to send Candidates into BrightMove

The Vendor will go to their portal, enter the password you provided, and click Submit. They will see the Open Jobs listed. 


Vendor Portal- Parse resumes via email (Preferred upload method for Vendors)

This method allows the Vendor to email in resumes and apply the Candidate to the job at the same time. When Vendor setup is Interactive method, the Vendor will automatically be assigned in the Candidate Vendor field when they parse a resume. 

  1. The Vendor should email in the resume (attachment or in email body) to your company email parser address. 
  2. The subject line of that email should contain the BrightMove Job ID# (BMID) and be set up like this: John Doe's resume BMID1234567.
  3. The Vendor email signature and any other content that should not be included in the Candidate profile creation should be removed from email body! This could be previous email chains, signature, etc.

The previous method of the Vendor clicking the "Create Profile and Apply to Job" button on the portal to submit a Candidate to the job can still be performed however this is no longer the preferred method. Please train your Vendors to email in resumes to your parser address with BMID (BM Job ID#) in the subject line for maximum efficiency.

New Vendor field on Candidate Profiles

The Vendor field on Candidate profiles is only used to track Interactive method Vendors who submit the Candidates via the company email parser method. This field is NOT accessible manually and cannot be edited.

Searching Vendors in Power Search


You can Export Results to Excel from Power Searches if you need to report on a search!

Candidate Power Search

There is now a Vendor search field that allows you to search Candidates by Vendor (when they were submitted via email parser in Interactive method). Change the Everything search to Vendor and then select the Vendor(s) you want to see candidates for.


Q: I don't see a section called Vendors in my Settings menu.

A: This section may be hidden in your Security Role settings. The Account Admin can go into a Security Role and enable the Vendor section in "Access Vendor Module".

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