BrightMove Browser Tabs & Viewing History


We show the profile name you are on in your browser in each of the BrightMove tab(s) you have open and holding down your back arrow on your browser in BrightMove tabs will show you your recent BrightMove viewing history. 

BrightMove Browser Tab Naming

We know that many recruiters have several BrightMove tabs open at a time so this should cut down on the time it takes to open the profile you want to work in faster and with less clicking. You can visually see what is in each BrightMove tab. 


BrightMove Page History in Back Button

Users can view their BrightMove page history by holding down the back button in their browser while on BrightMove tabs.


*This is in addition to seeing your most recent 10 profiles under each category. You'll now have two ways to quickly recall recent profiles you were working in.


New Reminders notification in BrightMove browser tabs

Users can opt-in to seeing new Reminder notifications in their BrightMove tabs. You will also continue to see them in the upper right screen (bell icon) in BrightMove but if enabled,  you will know when a reminder is due in the tab name as well so you don't miss any reminders or important tasks. 

As you dismiss the reminders, the count will go down in the tab and disappear when the remaining count is zero. When new reminder pop up, you will see it in the tabs again.

To turn this feature on:

1. Go to Settings menu

2. Near the top of the page, enable "Toggle Alerts".



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