Version 2022.11.0


Release 2022.11.0 on Saturday, October 15, 2022 contains a hardened deployment of our Sense API integration, performance improvements to the Candidate Power Search and some security & audit improvements.  There are also several minor bug fixes included with this release like a UI fix to the contract placement report & a logic fix to the charts on the dashboard pane of the requirement screen.

Security & Audit Improvements

Better Audit Visibility for Security Roles & Client Contacts

Our security model is robust, in that all user activity is recorded via a comprehensive audit logging service.  Coming out of multiple requests from our customers, we have added additional visibility to audit records for Security Roles & Client Contacts.

Security Roles

For users with the Administrator role, you can now see a historical view of changes made to security roles within the UI.  This includes the addition or removal of permissions to a security role, when the change was made and who made the change.

Client Contacts

In this release, we provide a view to the historical changes to client contact records.  This providers users with the ability to see what change was made to a contact record, who made it and when it was made.

Candidate Power Search Improvements

Better Location Modal Search Performance 

In this release, we made performance and user experience improvements related to the location lookup when searching for candidates.  Locations are city, state, zip code, latitude & longitude combinations.  The location lookup is a core service that powers the Candidate Power Search, as it enables the user with the ability to do geographic radius searches.  For example, if you wish to lookup all candidates within a 25 mile radius of the center of a specific city, the Location Search Modal is what provides this capability.  This release includes logic & performance improvements to the location lookup, including a maximum location result set of 500 city/state/zip code combinations.

Sense API Integration

New Candidate Engagement Tool Integration

Over the past several months, BrightMove and Sense have been testing an integration between our two services.  This deployment contains some major enhancements to that API integration, specifically around messaging within the webhooks component, which is used for data synchronization between the two services.  If you'd like more information on the BrightMove-Sense integration, please open a ticket with, and a customer success team member will be glad to assist you.



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