New User Training 101 Agenda

Welcome to BrightMove ATS!

BrightMove Applicant Tracking System is very intuitive for new users but we also understand it helps our new users & recruiters to be shown the basics of the system to shorten the learning curve even more so you can start recruiting sooner.

Register for a BrightMove New User Training 101 session here.

The new user training will cover the following topics:

  1. Welcome – Introduction
    • Confirm audio/visual
    • Chat Box for questions (will be answered in order received at the end of training)
    • Training should take approximately 30 minutes
  2. General Navigation
    • Dashboard panes
      • Most used panes
      • How to modify dashboard
    • Left Side bar Navigation
      • Overview of sections
      • Help Section & Live Chat
    • Quick Links Menu
      • How to navigate to Quick Links
      • Different options from Quick Links
      • Navigate to My Profile
      • How to change information
      • Manage Signature
    • Quick Search
  1. Job Profile
    • Create a job/Create a job from Template
    • Create a new Job
    • Important tabs on Job Profile (submittals/web description)
    • Submittals tab (View resumes/move candidates through workflow/Send to manager)
    • Web Description/Internal Description (Post to Web/synch)
    • BrightFlow view
    • Menu options
    • Close a Job
  2. Candidate Profile
    • Contact Info
    • Communication Dropdown menu
    • Left Menu Scroll pane
    • Detail Tabs
    • Submittals Tab
    • Activities Tab
    • Menu Options
  3. Power Searches
    • Different Types
    • How to use
  4. Importing Resumes
    • Email Parser (single resume/unique email address for each company)
    • Single or Bulk Resume upload in Candidate section>Parse Resume
  5. Wrap up
    • Reiterate what was presented
    • Reiterate Help Menu
    • Briefly explain User Manual (Knowledge Base)
    • My Tickets (
    • BM Support Hours (8:30am-5:30pm EST M-F)
    • Live chat button for support
    • Review Chat for Questions
    • Final thank you
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