SimpleTexting Integration (SMS) Set Up

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Do you need to send SMS text messages to Candidates or Managers from the ATS? Here we will walk you through setting that up with our SimpleTexting integration.

SimpleTexting Set Up:

  1. First, create your account with

  2. Purchase text messages

  3. Request your API key from Support

  4. Send your SimpleTexting API key, username and password to or contact BrightMove Support via Chat

BrightMove Setup:

Phone Types:

With our SimpleTexting integration, you can text both candidates and your hiring managers. Once you are notified that SimpleTexting has been enabled in your account, you will need to label which Candidate or Manager phone types are SMS-enabled.

To do that, go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Click Candidate Phone Types or Manager Phone Types, depending on which you are setting up

  3. Find the phone types from the list that you would like to be SMS-enabled and click the button under the SMS Type column. The most common choice will be Mobile or Cell and you can have more than one choice available


On the Candidate / Manager Profile:

When you have selected which phone types you'd like to be SMS-enabled, it's time to setup the candidate or manager profile.

First, the candidate or manager must have a valid phone number with an SMS-enabled Phone Type, as discussed in the previous section.


If you are only setting up SMS for your hiring managers, congratulations! You're done. This next step only applies for candidates.

SMS Allowed must be toggled on before you can text candidates. When applying to your jobs, candidates can choose to opt out of SMS and that cannot be reversed by a Recruiter in the ATS.


With this done, you are now ready to send SMS text messages to your managers or candidates.

BrightMove's SMS messaging integration with within the BrightMove application is an additional feature that can be activated for your company in order to take advantage of SMS capabilities.

Note: Please note, this service only works with phone carriers within the United States. This feature will not work for Candidates or Managers with phone carriers outside the US.

SimpleTexting Trial accounts do not allow for integration. You must sign up for an Active account to use this service.


Setting up inbound "SMS Message In"

From Account settings in, you will need to set up a forwarding address using your BrightMove API Key, and optionally, your Email and /or Phone for SMS responses to go to so they can be captured as activities in BrightMove.

While logged into your account:

  1. Once logged in, in the bottom left corner select "Integrations"
  2. Under Developer Tools, select "API & Webhooks"
  3. In the Webhooks sections, change "Version 2" to "Legacy"


  4. Enter in your SMS Forwarding URL using the format below and save your changes:


Requirements for RPO accounts to use SMS Messaging (if applicable):

SMS Messaging can be turned on for the Parent company only if desired, but Child companies can only turn on SMS Messaging if their Parent company has it on.

Who do I notify of issues sending SMS messages or to ask why failures occurred?

For support regarding failed/denied messages, you should contact directly: 

They have a Live Chat option or email form. BrightMove Support is unable to troubleshoot SMS issues that go beyond the scope of SMS setup from inside the ATS.

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