Spark Hire Video Interviewing Integration


BrightMove now has a Spark Hire Video Interviewing integration! You can visit to learn more about their product or to contact them for questions.


Set Up

  1. Contact Spark Hire to create an account that meets your needs. Once created, request your API key from Spark Hire.
  2. Once you have your Spark Hire API key, log into BrightMove and go to Settings> External Credentials. Click the "Add Credential" link.
  3. Select Spark Hire from the drop down list and then enter your Spark Hire API key into the box. Click Submit.

Congrats! Your Spark Hire integration is now set up and ready to use!


How to Use Spark Hire in BrightMove

You can initiate a Spark Hire video interview request from either the Applicant profile Submittals section or the Job profile Submittals section.

A new column will be available on each row on the far right.

In order to successfully create an interview, the Job must be in a submittable status with a job description entered, Post to Web must be checked, and the Applicant must have an email address in their profile. If any of these conditions are not met, you will not be able to create a video interview.

  1. Go to the Submittals section or tab on the profile.
  2. Click the Blue Video Interview button in the row of the Applicants or Job you want to interview them for. (If the row does not contain the icon, check that the Applicant has an email address on file.)

  3. If the job does not already exist in Spark Hire, we will show a dialog box that asks if you want the job created in Spark Hire. If so, click the "Create" button and go to Step 4. If not, click the "x" to exit. The job must be marked "Post to Web" to be successful.
  4. Fill out the "Create Interview" form. 
    Interview Type: Can be One Way or Live. One-Way Video Interview: Develop interview templates consisting of text or video-based questions for your candidates to answer on their own time via webcam or the Spark Hire mobile app. Build a digital library of video interviews for you to review and share, on-demand. Live Video Interview: Facilitate a face-to-face interview via webcam in a portal branded with your logo and company colors. These virtual interviews are recorded so you can share and refer back to them at any time.
    • Schedule the Interview Date/ Time.
    • Select the Questions you would like answered from the "Stock Questions" section or the "Questions List".
    • Compose a message for the email, then click Save.

The Applicant will receive an email with a link to accept the invitation. They will be taken to the Spark Hire site where they can conduct the interview. It is stored and is viewable in your Spark Hire account. 

For Support on how to use your Spark Hire account, please visit SparkHire Help Center

Spark Hire Activities

When you create the Spark Hire invitation, it is logged as an activity on the Applicant profile. An activity is also logged when the Applicant accepts the invite and after they complete the interview.


Spark Hire Troubleshooting & Support

Visit or SparkHire Help Center for help, questions about your Spark Hire account or for a Demo of their video interview service.
Spark Hire API info at API Documentation


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