Creating Interview Questions & Questionnaires


Interview Questions are custom questions that you can ask you candidates when they are being considered for a job. Interview questions and questionnaires allow recruiters and hiring managers to create common question sets and record answers received from candidates.  Questions and answers are recorded within the ATS for historical review.

In this article, we will go through the process of a creating new interview questions and questionnaires.

Key Points:

  • In order to access Interview Questions and Questionnaires, usera must have the appropriate permissions in their assigned role
  • Recruiters and Client Contacts / Hiring Managers can ask questions and record answers using the Interview Questions and Questionnaires
  • Candidates cannot access the Interview Questions screen (this feature is intended to be used by recruiters)
  • Answers can be saved a private attachments in the Candidate's profile in the PDF format

Creating Interview Questions:

To create your new interview question, begin by going to the Settings page, found by clicking your avatar icon in the top right of the ATS page.

From Settings, click on Interview Questions.

To create a new question:

1. Click Add in the top right.

2. Enter text in the Question text field.

3. Select your Question Type.

    1. Essay

    2. Multiple Choice 

4.  When finished, click Create Question


Note:  Interview questions do not have the notion of required, correct answers, like Basic Qualifications.  They are used to get open feedback from a candidate on what they believe on specific topics.  When recording interview question responses, you can save notes around the answers, but if you are looking for questions have specific answers in order to qualify a candidate for employment, you should consider basic qualifications.


Creating Interview Questionnaires:

From the Interview Questions screen, select the Questionnaires button on the top right.  Questionnaires are groups of questions that can be asked during the screening process.

To create a new Questionnaire:

1. Click Add in the top right.

2. Give your new questionnaire a Name.

3.  Click the + Add a Question link to add existing questions to the questionnaire.

4.  Click Create Questionnaire button.

Assigning Questions & Questionnaires to Jobs:

In order to associate questions and questionnaires with jobs and applicants, two configurations must be in place.

Submittal Workflow Status Enabled For Interview Questions

Enable the Allow Interview flag.

To enable Interview Questions, go to Settings > Submittal Workflow, and toggle the Allow Interview switch to on for the status in which you wish to associate Interview Questions.

In the example below, the Screening status is enabled to assign interview questions and questionnaires.

Question / Questionnaire is Assigned To Job

To assign a question or questionnaire to a job, go to the Job screen:

1.  Select the status you want to associate the questions with

2.  Click the + Add a Questionnaire or + Add a Question link

3.  Search for the question or questionnaire you want to associate with this job and click Add.


Recording Interview Questions & Answers

When a candidate is in a status that has assigned Interview Questions and the status is enabled with the Allow Interview flag, the Interview button is shown on the submittal record.

When the recruiter or hiring manager clicks the Interview button, they will be presented with the Interview Questions assigned based on the status.  From this screen, they can record answers and other notes.  To save the answers and notes, click the Save button.  Also, the recruiter or hiring manager can select Create PDF, which will save a PDF file with the answers and notes to the candidate's profile as a private attachment.  These attachments can be shared or made public based on the recruiter's preferences.


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